Stephen Donnelly, after six years of arduous study, was ordained a Roman Catholic priest and spent two decades as a spiritual leader and beloved priest. In his memoir, A Saint and a Sinner, Stephen takes the reader behind the curtain of the mighty and mysterious Catholic Church as he recounts his relationships with God, the faithful, bishops, and the institution. Stephen was named ‘Man of the Year in Religion,’ hosted the ‘Fallen on Long Island’ drug, was named Grand Marshall, and won ‘The Peter Sweissgood Award.’ He celebrated eighteen years sobriety and is active in Alcoholics Anonymous’ Twelve Step Program inspiring others to live a sober life.

Diane O’Bryan is a professional photographer and co-author of A Saint and a Sinner. Stephen was her parish priest and friend — and she knew he had a fascinating and compelling story. When she’s not writing she can be found at the beach or on a tennis court. She lives on Long Island, New York with her husband and stepson.

What People Are Saying

Real, pure and honest. Balancing heaven and hell with the weight of the profession and the inconsistencies of the reality of the priesthood and service to God.

Robert Fonti

We are all human. Why did God have Christ come to us in human form? He must have loved us, and He must have loved our gifts AND frailties. I know that’s a challenge for us to forgive each other. But there’s much to be learned from brokenness, and everyone, if they are honest, could admit to some brokenness in themselves.

Sheila Dolan Manner

From a lapsed Catholic’s point of view I found it very inspiring and really admire that he’s putting this story out there. It was tough to read about his experience at the end. 

Laura Duffy Designs

A compelling and insightful story, A Saint and a Sinner, was hard to put down and yet at times difficult and disturbing to read. His open confession gives us an understanding of how his years of joy were intertwined with conflicting, everyday challenges that evolved from the choices he mad throughout his life.While it is not for us to judge, A Saint and a Sinner, gives us an opportunity to see one’s life and identify with the depth of life’s struggles.

Kate Larkin

Thank you for providing me the opportunity to read this prior to it being released. It was quite the riveting, page turner. 

Stacey Ratner

I cannot remember when I’ve read a book so quickly over the last few years! You did an incredible job capturing and detailing each event. I felt like I was watching a movie not reading a book. Stephens life and memories are poignant & very moving in many ways. In each chapter there was a valuable lesson!

Randi Shelton

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