The Church Pushes Back

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in times of comfort and convenience but where he stands in times of challenges and controversy.” -Martin Luther King My soon to be released memoir, A Saint and a Sinner, is sure to be a lightning rod for controversy. Anytime, you take on an institution asContinue reading “The Church Pushes Back”

Review by Thomas Anderson, Editor-in-Chief of Literary Titan

Saint and a Sinner: The Rise and Fall of a Beloved Catholic Priest, by Stephen Donnelly and Diane O’Bryan, is a memoir of Former Catholic Priest Fr. Stephen Donnelly. It tells the life story of Donnelly – from his childhood to his eventual exit from the ministry. The book is a real-life story that tellsContinue reading “Review by Thomas Anderson, Editor-in-Chief of Literary Titan”

Review by Gail Kaufman for Indie Book Reviews

I have to admit my initial trepidation to read this book. Knowing it was the memoir of a priest, my thinking was that the narrative would not be relatable because I follow a different faith. I am glad I did not allow my concerns to stop me. The underlying themes are not only relatable butContinue reading “Review by Gail Kaufman for Indie Book Reviews”

Reviewed by N. N. Light’s Book Heaven

A tale that cried out to be told. There was a time when the people who took the vocation of Priest were placed on pedestals. By now, that aura has been removed.  That alone shows some bad apples do indeed spoil the whole bunch. Strikingly this is simply this man’s story. It is presented that this isContinue reading “Reviewed by N. N. Light’s Book Heaven”

Reviewed by Sherry Tuffin for

Perfect Imperfection I regret that I can only give five stars to this outstanding book. This beautifully written, insightful and painful story reaches a level of honesty few memoirs ever achieve. At no point does Stephen H. Donnelly turn away or flinch from the thorough self-examination of his life. Not once does he try toContinue reading “Reviewed by Sherry Tuffin for”

Readers Favorite Review by Viga Boland, Blogger and Author of ‘No Tears for my Father’

As I read the last few pages of this courageous memoir, A Saint and a Sinner, I was overcome with a profound sadness that a man who’d fought so hard to win control over his various addictions and was helping so many people made one more bad mistake. That slip-up resulted in his dismissal fromContinue reading “Readers Favorite Review by Viga Boland, Blogger and Author of ‘No Tears for my Father’”

Review by Jean Roberts-The Book and Author of ‘A Kiss Behind the Castanets: My Love Affair with Spain’

A Saint and a Sinner is the life story, the good, the bad and the ugly, of former Catholic priest, Stephen H. Donnelly.  Stephen leads us through his memories of his formative years, growing up on Long Island, the son of a hard working, hard drinking father and a doting mother. At the age of 36,Continue reading “Review by Jean Roberts-The Book and Author of ‘A Kiss Behind the Castanets: My Love Affair with Spain’”

Our Dream Interviewer for A Saint and a Sinner. . . Howard Stern

“Awakening is not changing who you are but discarding who you are not.” Deepak Chopra Howard Stern, radio personality extraordinaire, is arguably the poster child for personal transformation. He’s morphed into an enlightened and evolved man. For decades, The King of all Media fed his soul, and his insatiable need for ratings, with sophomoric andContinue reading “Our Dream Interviewer for A Saint and a Sinner. . . Howard Stern”

The Mystique of the Roman Collar

“My life was a mystery even as I lived it.” – Melissa Gilbert There’s a certain mystique about a priest’s uniform; black slacks, black shirt, and Roman collar that evokes different responses from different people—sometimes reverence, other times disdain. Being perceived as a pillar of the community can be a heady experience for a newContinue reading “The Mystique of the Roman Collar”


“Crisis is the earthquake that rattles the foundation of your life. Crisis forces you to look inward. You must believe there is a better tomorrow for you. That requires faith. And faith demands the expectation of something even though there is no tangible evidence it exists or will ever come your way.” Deborah norville, authorContinue reading “Crisis”